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Take a Break from the Stress - 60 Ways for YOU to Enjoy the Holiday Season

'Tis the season. It's a time of year when people do things for others. They buy gifts, donate to charities and volunteer their time to various programs and organizations. They often neglect their own needs and desires, making sacrifices for others.

But what about you? Between all these acts of holiday spirit it's easy to not only forget about ourselves, but worse, actually feel guilty about doing things just for us. We often feel that by putting our own needs first, we're doing something wrong.

Guess what - it's okay to think about yourself too! I'm giving you permission to put everything else aside for a bit and do something just for you. Here are 60 low-cost things you can do for yourself this holiday season:

1. Take a long bath.

2. Read a good book.

3. Get some exercise - go running, walk outside, take a class.

4. Hire a babysitter or ask a family member to watch your kids for a while - just because.

5. Go to a movie - either by yourself or with somebody you love.

6. Listen to your favorite music - remember the stuff you used to listen to in high school that's so out of style now? Who cares? Crank up the volume!

7. Dance like nobody's watching.

8. Go for a long drive.

9. Buy yourself a gift - maybe something you've always wanted.

10. Get your nails done.

11. Drink a glass of wine.

12. Indulge in your favorite dessert.

13. Spend time by yourself.

14. Spend time with loved ones.

15. Go on a date with your spouse or significant other.

16. Laugh.

17. Stretch.

18. Play a game.

19. Call someone you love.

20. Take a break from work.

21. Sit by a fire.

22. Go see some holiday lights.

23. Go to bed early.

24. Write in a journal.

25. Dress up in a special outfit that makes you feel AMAZING.

26. Go to a party.

27. Turn off your cell phone - yep, I said it.

28. Sing like nobody's listening.

29. Draw or paint a picture.

30. Go to church.

31. Go ice skating.

32. Do a favorite hobby.

33. Join a club.

34. Play an instrument.

35. Cook your favorite meal or bake your favorite dessert.

36. Go sightseeing.

37. Write a poem or short story.

38. Get up early and enjoy a cup of coffee.

39. Watch your children sleep.

40. Watch your children play.

41. Go to a play or concert.

42. Go to a sporting event.

43. Daydream/imagine.

44. Visit a state or national park.

45. Meditate.

46. Visualize your "happy place".

47. Have lunch with a friend.

48. Talk on the phone.

49. Go to a museum.

50. Go to a sauna or take a steam bath.

51. Go bowling.

52. Try something new that you've always wanted to try.

53. Play with your pets.

54. Go window shopping.

55. Take a nap.

56. Watch the snow fall.

57. Stay in your pajamas all day.

58. Listen to a podcast.

59. Reconnect with an old acquaintance.

60. Assert yourself and set boundaries - make your self-care a priority.

Happy Holidays! And remember - take care of you. You're important too.

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