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Mental Health Counselor Services

Along with the continued evolution of technology and technology-related services in society, the mental health field is expanding to include online services.  Online therapy provides an alternate solution to individuals whose lives prohibit them from participating in traditional face-to-face therapy by offering video conferencing.

Is Online Therapy Right for You?

Video conferencing provides a viable option to people who want to participate in therapy but are unable to due to hectic schedules, geographic location, and life demands.  Some people who may choose to utilize the benefits of online counseling include but are not limited to those who do not have time for therapy sessions during typical office hours and those who have limited access due to transportation issues, illness, physical limitations, limited child care or bad weather.

Other people who may choose to participate in online therapy are those whose mental health issues make it difficult to leave their homes.  This may also be a viable option for those who still feel a stigma attached to therapy and feel more comfortable preserving their anonymity by receiving services in the comfort and privacy of their homes.

How Online Therapy Works

The platform I choose to use for online therapy sessions is VSee, a HIPAA-compliant service that allows customers to make free online phone and video calls.  VSee protects data by securely encrypting and transmitting all audio and video communication in a way that does not even allow VSee to have access to any identifiable health information that may be communicated.

Please click here to download the VSee service to your computer.


Please know that, although I do my best to protect your private health information, I cannot guarantee complete privacy and confidentiality when conducting therapy sessions through an online platform as I have no control over where you choose log online or what records you choose to keep.  When using VSee, please make sure you are in a private location where others cannot overhear our conversations.  Also know that if you choose to keep printed records of online chat or emails, you may be compromising the security and confidentiality of those records.

In order to participate in online therapy you must be physically located in New York State and be at least 18 years of age.

Rates for online therapy sessions are the same as face-to-face sessions.  If you hope to use your insurance plan for reimbursement of online therapy services, please contact your insurance provider to confirm coverage.  Payment for online therapy sessions are accepted in the form of major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover).

Online Therapy

Individual Therapy near Syracuse, NY

Individual therapy refers to one-on-one talk therapy that takes place in a safe, supportive, healing  and confidential environment. Individual therapy (also sometimes referred to as counseling or psychotherapy) can address a variety of problems and symptoms.

How Individual Therapy Can Help

People sometimes come in a state of crisis, meaning something happened in their lives that is causing them distress and they are struggling to cope with the situation.  Often these people are looking for immediate relief.  Others come to individual therapy to address deep-rooted issues that have impacted their well-being for an extended period of time. Others may want support as they deal with current or unexpected life transitions, changes or other stressors.  


In my individual therapy sessions we will work to solve current problems whether they are new or long-term, and change to more rational thinking and behavior. I will provide you with valuable tools to obtain this goal.

Individual sessions are 45 minutes long and most commonly occur weekly or bi-weekly. Length of treatment varies for each individual.

Schedule Your Individual Therapy Appointment



Schedule Your Therapy Appointment

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